Benefits – Teaching in South Korea

Benefits - Teaching in South Korea

Korea is a fantastic place to teach English and Live for a number of reasons. For one, there are a lot of jobs here if you’re a TEFL-certified, native English speaker. It’s easy to secure a job before you arrive in Korea, and most agencies and schools in Korea help you get your visa, saving you a great deal of time and stress. You usually get free furnished housing. You may also get free airfare at least one way, and a bonus, severance. Your employer will generally contribute half of the cost of your medical coverage, and Korean medical care is excellent. Korea is modern, safe, and has many western amenities. There is a huge foreign teacher community. And, you can save a decent amount of money thanks to free housing and very low cost of living in Korea.

Free Air Ticket to Korea

  • Schools provide Free Flight for teachers and at the end of the contract, another Free Flight to return home. The airfare is prepaid or reimbursement which varies from school to school.

Free, Fully Furnished Housing

  • Schools will provide a Free Single Studio Apartment (one room plus a small kitchen and bathroom) with basic household furnishings of bed, blanket, pillow, wardrobe, cooking utensils, kitchen table, chairs, two-burner gas hot plate, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, air conditioner, high speed internet and etc.. Couples will be provided with a 2 bedroom apartment.
  • This enables you to save on monthly expenses and is one of the biggest benefits of teaching in South Korea.

Low Coast of Living and Big Save

  • The cost of living in Korea is Pretty Reasonable and you’ll find that utilities, everyday expenses, and transportation are Very Affordable in Korea. 
  • You can save approximately $1,000 monthly after all the costs/expenses considered! At the end of 1 year contract, the total should be more than $10,000!

Affordable Healthcare

  • The healthcare system in Korea is Very Affordable. Schools provide 50% of medical insurance coverage for their teachers and the remaining 50% of the coverage is deducted from the teacher’s monthly salary which equates to a minimal 2.24%. English teachers should get the extremely inexpensive medical procedures and medicines whenever needed with the affordable insurance package.

Severance Pay

  • At the successful completion of 1 year contract, schools provide a severance package for their teachers which is equivalent to 1 month’s salary.

Active Visa Sponsorship and Renewable 12-month Contract

  • Korean schools support your legal stay in Korea by proactively helping you acquire E-2 Visa that is based on 12 month working period. After the 12 month contract expires, you can renew the contract with a current school or transfer to a new school.

Well Designed Curriculum and Rich Teaching Materials

  • Teachers can start teaching with ease as schools have developed a Well Designed Curriculum for their students and provide Various Teaching Resources for teachers such as flashcards, coloring tools, white/black boards, computers, English related games, multimedia materials, story books, student books, work books and so on.

Opportunity to Taste the Exciting Korean Culture

  • Korea’s rich history, ancient traditions and modern advancements offer teachers the chance to experience something truly unique.
  • Most people are pleasantly surprised by Korea’s welcoming attitude and engaging in local cuisines, traditions, lifestyles, etc. This a great way to learn about one of Asia’s most exciting cultures.

Travel Opportunities

  • Korea is a small country and easy to get around. On regular weekends you can head to the mountains for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter, or to the islands and beaches in the South.
  • On an international level, Korea is the perfect hub for traveling to other countries. It is a few hours from numerous other countries including Japan, China, Mongolia, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and more! No matter how long you’re there, you will never run out of foreign countries to visit on your holidays.
  • Upon contract completion, most teachers spend a few weeks or months travelling around Asia with the money that they have accumulated over the past year.