Getting FBI Check

Sate Level Apostilled Swiftly

  • Due to the COVID-19 disruption, for the American teachers, it takes a great amount of time to sort out the visa documents working with the super slow government authorities.  
  • Especially as per getting an apostille after obtaining an FBI check, we have seen the teachers who directly applied to the Federal Department of State took more than 6 – 8 weeks to receive an apostilled FBI check back.  
  • However we provide the express service for the teachers to have this long process shortened as swift as 3 business days.
  • As an FBI check is a federal document, the state level apostille is not available for an FBI check in most states. However we have established a special partnership to enable this. The Korean Immigration accepts an FBI check with State Level Apostille as a legal document. 
  • Please find the guidance on how to expedite getting an FBI check State Level Apostilled that is legally accepted by the Korean Immigration. Furthermore it only takes 3 business days.  
  • Firstly we strongly recommend you to work with one of the FBI approved channelers to secure an FBI check. You can get the check in PDF format in 3 business days.
  • Through this process, firstly you are going to receive an FBI check in PDF format from an FBI Channeler or the FBI. Then you can upload the digital copy to our application form.
  • Please click the link below that leads you to our dedicated web form page for submitting an express apostille application. Through the link, you will have a discount price of $50 from the regular $55.
  • When you directly applied to the FBI and only received a copy through the mail by the FBI then you need that copy mailed to our office as guided in the form.
  • To order an express state level apostille service, PLEASE make sure to write a note in the Special Instructions section of the order form as “Apostille at the State Level” and it will surely be delivered in 3 business days. This input is essential to apply for the State Level Apostille service.
  • And we also provide both Notarization and Apostille service on the copy of Degree/Diploma so that you don’t need to legalize it separately.
  • As an FBI check is a Federal document, the Notarization is not required and only the Apostille is required.