Rhionna: United States: Aug 01, 2024

With a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Fluency and a minor in Spanish, communication is a strong suit that I continue to practice throughout my career. Adding to this education is a 120 hour TEFL certificate that lets me exhibit leadership skills as well as personable experiences with others.

My first job right after graduated university was a customer service job for a small business. I was able to make relationships with customers beyond them simply being a consumer, as well as train new hires to get them used to the fast paced environment.

Patience was a strong suit of mine that was utilized greatly while at the customer service job but also at my current job with the Internal Revenue Service as a tax examining technician. For my current job, I am continually increasing my computer literacy, honing in my focus and attention to detail, as well as guiding my fellow co workers as well.

My career, though short so far has allowed me to come into the strengths such as effective communication with people of different backgrounds, patience and care for others, guiding others towards their goals, as well as being personable and hospitable. Most importantly, my career has taught me to be hard working and to never stop at improving, which is something that I plan to do with this career as well.

United States
Desired Start Date
Aug 01, 2024

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