Oteng: South Africa: Jul 01, 2024

I am a South African citizen with a bachelors of commerce degree in Economics and Information Systems. For the last 6 months I have been working as a online ESL tutor, teaching English as a foreign language to different nationals and students of different fluency levels.

Through my experience, I have developed and nurtured my passion for teaching the English language and helping my students grow through my teaching. I love teaching English and I have gained the skills to comfortably and progressively teach students of any proficiency level. I am a teacher who strives for development, progress and goal success through my teaching. This highlights my strengths and my goal driven personality which shines through my teaching methods. I am an individual who is patient, understanding of different cultural backgrounds and have a deep passion for the English language.

South Africa
Desired Start Date
Jul 01, 2024

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