Olivia: United States: Jun 24, 2024

– Student Mentor Certification: Certified as a Student Mentor through the Mentor Collective showcasing the ability to guide individuals through academic challenges and cultivate a nurturing atmosphere.
– CoChair for Community Affairs Board: I served as the CoChair of my universities Community Affairs Board overseeing a team during the COVID-19 Pandemic and ensuring the seamless transition of programs online, including the Family Literacy Program
– White Water Raft Guide: adds a dimension of skills and character showing ability to thrive in demanding and high-pressure environments. It also highlights your physical endurance and adaptability, which are valuable traits in any challenging role.

– Passion for Education: I have a deep passion for education and fostering an inclusive learning environment.
– Commitment to Student Success: Committed to student success, as shown by my practical approach to addressing concerns, providing resources, and creating a sense of community.
– Cross-Culture Understanding: I have a passion for cross-cultural understanding, which aligns with teaching positions in South Korea.

– Interpersonal Skills
– Organizational Skills
– Crisis Management Skills

United States
Desired Start Date
Jun 24, 2024

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