Melusi: United Kingdom: Jul 01, 2024

I am a positive and motivated teacher who is committed to providing students with a dynamic and interesting learning environment in which they can grow and truly flourish. I am familiar with the current curriculum and I thrive on keeping abreast of the latest developments and resources in the field of education. I seek to encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as study groups, which I believe instils in them a self-directed self-motivated lifelong learning culture. I also worked as a Clinical Care Manager, Health Education Training Manager, Healthcare Strategist, Policy Maker, Healthcare Clinical Advisor, Clinician and Master of Business Administration.

My approach to my teaching is underpinned in key initiatives, robust performance measures and a holistic student centred-approach strategy. I firmly believe students learn with greater ease when they feel safe in their learning environment and feeling comfortable with their teacher plays an integral role in achieving the desired outcomes of learning. My lessons plans take into consideration individual student’s learning abilities and endeavour to incorporate a variety of learning styles to engage all the learners.

My classroom approach to remaining professional, maintaining good discipline, exciting progressive learning, fostering an environment most conducive to learning: The fundamental principle for learners is creating clear boundaries and I am very aware of maintaining clear lines to maintain a good student–teacher relationship centred on good classroom management framework. Education, learning, training and development is my passion, and my overarching aim is to see that all my learners achieve their full potential.

I am dedicated, extremely hard working and strive to be an asset to any team I am a part of. I enjoy the autonomy of my work and enjoy being part of a team. I would love the opportunity to join your team in the development and progression of your students’ learning subsequently sharing my experience to make a positive contribution. l feel challenged to take the next step in my career and professional development to embark on a new and exciting way to bringing a change in the life of students. I view this opportunity in my professional and personal life as an exciting way to making memories that will last a lifetime with my passion for education while making a positive impact and making a difference on the lives of learners.

United Kingdom
Desired Start Date
Jul 01, 2024

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