Application Process – Korea ESL Job

/Application Process – Korea ESL Job
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Application Process – Korea ESL Job

Job Interview Tips

Getting Notarization and Apostille

Getting Notarization And Apostille Notarization First and Apostille Second Apostilles certify documents for international use whereas Notarizations certify that documents are legitimate copies of original documents. All teachers applying for ESL jobs in Korea have to have Diploma Copies to be Notarized First and then Apostilled to be accepted by Korean Immigration. In most cases, as the nationwide criminal checks have been issued and signed by the government authorities, the notarization aren't needed [...]

E-2 Visa Transfer

E-2 Visa Transfer Visa Transfer to a New Job Teachers in Korea who want to work at another school are required to go through Visa Transfer process. Those teachers won’t need to obtain new sets of the documents they already obtained before coming to South Korea.  After preparing the documents as below, a teacher or a school representative needs to visit the Immigration in order to get the transfer done same day. In case that a school [...]

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How to get F-4 Visa for Korean Descendants (Gyopos)

How to get F-4 Visa F-4 Visa is only provided to Korean descendants (people with Korean heritage or lineage or called 'Gyopos') who are NOT Korean citizens NOW. Eligible Applicants Foreign citizens who previously possessed Korea citizenship (They must have renounced their Korea citizenship.) Foreign citizens with at least one parent or grandparent who possessed Korea citizenship in the past but who currently is a citizen of another country. [...]

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E-2 Visa Run Guide

E-2 Visa Run Guide Usefulness of Visa Run Thanks to the visa run trip, applying teachers with tourist visa in Korea can conveniently change to E-2 visa via 2 to 4 days of short trip to the nearest countries where Korean consulates/embassies situated as Japan or Hong Kong or Guam. Visa run is also useful when teachers want to switch jobs before contract/visa expires, in which case they'll need to get a letter [...]

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Hagwons vs. Public Schools

Hagwons vs. Public Schools These are only the Generalized Pros and Cons and the choice is up to you! Therefore YOU should research the school thoroughly before signing a contract. Best advice is that you have to talk to the current/previous foreign teachers and find out if the pay is always on time, what the school and director is like and if they are happy in terms of both working and living there. [...]

D-10 Visa Transfer

D-10 Visa Transfer D-10 Job Seeking Visa and Transfer to Work Visa A D-10 Visa, the 'Job-Seeking Visa', allows job applicants the room or grace period to remain in Korea while searching for a new job. A D-10 visa is valid for 6 months. If you have get a new teaching job with this visa, you must transfer your visa to one of work visas (including E-2 visa) at least 2 weeks BEFORE [...]

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