Contract Condition – Korea ESL Job

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Contract Condition – Korea ESL Job

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Korea ESL School’s Sick Leave

Sick Leave Taking a Sick Leave is ok but REMEMBER ... Koreans do not take frequent sick leaves due to illness. But exceptions are there for foreign teachers. The employment contract includes generally 3 sick leaves in a year. Teachers are required to notify the employer and submit an accompanying proof of illness from a doctor. If you are taking sick leave, then, do remember that you might be visited by your employer [...]

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Korea ESL School’s Deductions from Salary

Deductions from Salary From your salary, you are going to get the deductions of Income Tax, Pension, Health Insurance and others. Check out how much you are going to get deductions from your salary from this article. 1. Income Tax (3% ~ 5%) All teachers working in Korea on an E-2 Visa pays Korean taxes. It is your employer’s responsibility to file your taxes on your behalf, and it [...]

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Severance Pay in Korea

Severance Pay Severance Pay Eligibility and Details If the employee finishes one-year contract successfully, they get paid for an extra month of work, severance pay, which is equal to one-month’s salary. Therefore, at the end of a one-year contract, they will get their monthly salary plus severance pay. Also, they have to pay the appropriate severance payment tax at the end of year. To be eligible for severance pay, the employee has to [...]

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Hagwons vs. Public Schools

Hagwons vs. Public Schools These are only the Generalized Pros and Cons and the choice is up to you! Therefore YOU should research the school thoroughly before signing a contract. Best advice is that you have to talk to the current/previous foreign teachers and find out if the pay is always on time, what the school and director is like and if they are happy in terms of both working and living there. [...]

Korea ESL School’s Free Housing

Free Housing Free Single Studio Apartment Schools will provide a free single studio apartment (one room plus a small kitchen and bathroom) with basic household furnishings of bed, blanket, pillow, wardrobe, cooking utensils, kitchen table, chairs, two-burner gas hot plate, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, air conditioner, high speed internet and etc.. Couples will be provided with a 2 bedroom apartment. The composition of furnishings can be different by employer so you need to [...]

Korea ESL School’s Paid Vacation

Korea ESL School's Paid Vacation Paid Vacation in Korea ESL schools Most private schools grant paid five days vacation in the summer and five days vacation in the winter in addition to 13-15 Korean National Holidays. Public school teachers can expect 4 weeks of paid vacation time in addition to 13-15 Korean National holidays. Official Korean National Holidays Koreans officially follow the Gregorian calendar, even though there are [...]

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