Rachel: United Kingdom: Sep 16, 2018

//Rachel: United Kingdom: Sep 16, 2018

Rachel: United Kingdom: Sep 16, 2018

Volunteering in a summer camp in Thailand, to volunteering in an inner city school in Glasgow, it is clear my experiences vary with each developing and providing new skills.

Throughout school, I always enjoyed working with younger children and volunteered when living in Saudi Arabia. This exposed me to the different types of children and backgrounds and it allowed me to acknowledge these differences in a way to work with each child individually.

In returning to the United Kingdom for sixth form college, I became a sports leader. This involved organising sporting events for the local primary schools. This improved my organisation and team work. It also taught me to be flexible as certain things did not always go to plan. I was also a Netball coach for a small Primary School. This was one of the most rewarding roles I had in school as I was able to see the skills and love for sport evolve within these children. I was also a student mentor at school, helping younger students who were less able with English, Maths and Science. This was challenging as it was difficult to maintain their interest but by being approachable, enthusiastic and understanding, it made it easier.

At University, I was also a student mentor. I also volunteered at a school in inner city Glasgow which was also very rewarding. Last summer, I volunteered at a summer camp in Thailand for a week and at a school in Chiang Mai teaching English. This taught me to be flexible as there were many times when we had planned for different age groups or for different abilities and due to a lack of communication we were misinformed.

This summer coming, I am going to Italy to teach English in a summer camp. I am then going to Greece to also teach in a summer camp.

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Sep 16, 2018

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