Dervla: United Kingdom: Aug 01, 2018

//Dervla: United Kingdom: Aug 01, 2018

Dervla: United Kingdom: Aug 01, 2018

In terms of experience, I have been a hall senior for my university, which involved living with the students in halls and being a first point of contact for any questions or problems they may have. I helped to organise introduction week events for the university students and made sure everyone felt comfortable and got to know each other in the initial weeks. I have also had lots of experience with babysitting; from the ages of 8-14. I entertain the kids and play games with them, and often cook food and help them with their homework. I sometimes have to stay over if the parents are away for a night and help them go to school the next day. I have also been involved with the youth group at my local church on sundays. This involved teaching the children about morals and life lessons through games and songs, which was really fun and rewarding. At high school, I was the House Captain. I was elected for this and had to make sure that my house was integrating across all years. I helped with activities such as sports days and variety shows, which were across all the years, and helped the students fell comfortable and part of a wider family in the school.

I have a very bubbly and outgoing personality, and love to interact with new people. I believe this would make me an ideal candidate for teaching english to a class of new students. In terms of working style, I am a hard worker, who loves to be challenged and put out of my comfort zone, therefore I believe throwing myself into life in Korea as a teacher would be a perfect fit for me. In my Physics degree, I learnt how to think logically and to work calmly under pressure, even when tight deadlines were set. Furthermore, I am able to express myself thoughtfully and in a structured manner, which I believe will make me a valuable English teacher. I am currently completing a 120-Hour TEFL course online, which I have found extremely worthwhile and has increased my knowledge of how I would style my classes when teaching English to young students, to get the most out of each lesson.

I want to teach english in Korea because I want to do something fulfilling and worthwhile. I want to give my knowledge and help more children to learn english, which is ever-increasingly important in today's globalised society. I have had experience working with children in school, at church and outside of education with my babysitting experience, and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with them. There have often been times when they have come to me for advice and I feel honoured to have the responsibility to be a role model for them. This is something I would love to be able to continue by teaching English abroad in Korea.

United Kingdom
Desired Start Date
Aug 01, 2018

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