Settle Down – Korea ESL Job

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Settle Down – Korea ESL Job

Korea ESL School’s Dress Code

Dress Code Respectful Appearance Preferred Standards of dress code vary from school to school but in general, most schools expect a "respectful" casual appearance. It is always safe and good to wear semi-formal clothes. Keep in mind that you are trying to dress in a manner which presents you as a serious teacher to your students, students' parents and business directors. Avoid mini-skirts, ripped or torn jeans or t-shirts with offensive slogans, extreme haircuts, tattoos, extra piercings. Dress Code for Male Teachers Collared shirts, dress shirts and sweaters with a nice pair of slacks would be ideal. Some schools may ask you to wear a tie, however by no means are they required. Designed by Freepik Dress Code for Female Teachers [...]

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Things to Pack for Korea

Things to Pack Pack Light! We recommend you only bring a light load of clothing and essentials with you to Korea. You can pretty much find most of items you will need in Korea. You will eventually be leaving Korea. The more you bring, the more you'll have to take with you or get rid of when you leave. And you'll shop a lot in Korea. Items to Pack Digitally Scanned and Printed Copies of important documents as passport, diploma, other photo ID. These copies become invaluable if you ever lose your passport, or misplace your Alien Registration Card (ARC). Storing the scanned copies onto your Cloud storage before departure should be a good backup. Business Casual Clothes for work. Please refer to Dress Code article for packing idea [...]

Korea ESL School’s Free Housing

Free Housing Free Single Studio Apartment Schools will provide a free single studio apartment (one room plus a small kitchen and bathroom) with basic household furnishings of bed, blanket, pillow, wardrobe, cooking utensils, kitchen table, chairs, two-burner gas hot plate, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, air conditioner, high speed internet and etc.. Couples will be provided with a 2 bedroom apartment. The composition of furnishings can be different by employer so you need to check with the school for exact items being provided while reviewing contract. Korean Style Apartment - Villa The apartments usually come in the form of a high rise apartment or a “Villa”. Korean villas are actually three or four story apartment buildings that tend to be quieter than the bigger complexes. The apartments are mostly [...]

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