Jinnie: United States: University of Chicago: Jul 02, 2018

//Jinnie: United States: University of Chicago: Jul 02, 2018

Jinnie: United States: University of Chicago: Jul 02, 2018

As stated above, I have a great deal of tutoring experience, having worked with students of a variety of ages on a fairly diverse array of subjects. I think I am particularly well qualified to teach AP and SAT subjects, as I graduated high school as a National AP Scholar, National Merit Scholar, and Valedictorian of my 790-person class. In addition, however, I believe that my non-teaching experience has given me a wealth of transferable skills that make me an even better fit for this job.

As Campus Coordinator for Adam Block Design, a custom apparel company geared towards college students in Greek life, I have not only learned how to hold a customer’s interest and make sales; I have learned how to speak to a client in order to win and maintain their trust, how to build relationships, and how to communicate effectively both in person and over email. I have learned how to explain complicated processes, how to balance tenacity and flexibility, and how to deal with an angry customer. I often navigate several different orders at a time, and a fast response time is crucial in such a competitive business, so I have learned how to succeed within a demanding structure. I also work as a Digitization Assistant in UChicago’s very notable Special Collections Research Center, where I have refined a strict attention to detail and organization. I have become very talented at multitasking, balancing both of these jobs on top of the rigor of a UChicago education and participation in various campus activities. I am a very active member of Pi Beta Phi, for instance having been Show Planning Chair for Arrowfest, our annual philanthropy event by which we raise around $20,000 a year for literacy nonprofits, two years in a row. I am also a member of the University Disciplinary Committee, which has been a very important resource for experience in conflict management, informational analysis, and communication.

I consider myself to be a responsible, dedicated, and efficient person. I am also fluent in Korean, though I always welcome the opportunity to improve, and by way of my summer internship at NCSOFT, am familiar with Korean working culture. I am generally good with technology, have coding experience (acquired by taking four rigorous classes in the Computer Science department at UChicago), and above all, am a fast and eager learner.

Thank you for your consideration.

United States
University of Chicago
Desired Start Date
Jul 02, 2018

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