Zoey: United States: Mar 05, 2018

//Zoey: United States: Mar 05, 2018

Zoey: United States: Mar 05, 2018

I'm dedicated, hardworking and passionate about English. I've been writing professionally for about two years now, am very adapt of the English language and understand the nuances of phonetics and grammar. My mother was an English teacher and ran a daycare and a nursery when I was growing up, and I sent a lot of time learning for her and helping her. Since I was young, I've wanted to follow in her footsteps in some way and help children.
Today, I'm employed as a copywriter. I write advertisements, blogs and press releases for companies, and as such, I have to have a strong grasp of English. I bring excitement, skill and a good temperament for working with children.
My educational experience revolves around helping my mom through early high school, and teaching Sunday School when I was in middle school. In college, I ran a literary magazine as editor-in-chief for over a year, was a student mentor, and helped put on educational events and gave lectures on pressing social issues.

United States
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Mar 05, 2018

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