Tom: United Kingdom: May 14, 2018

//Tom: United Kingdom: May 14, 2018

Tom: United Kingdom: May 14, 2018

I am currently working and studying in Austria as a student teacher with the Austrian Bilingual Classroom Initiative (ABCi). It is here I am currently gaining over 300 hours of invaluable teaching experience, whilst completing theCertTESOL (TEFL) and CELT-P (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary) qualifications, affiliated with Cambridge University and Trinity
College London respectively (expected finishing time February 2018). I strongly considermyself to be an ideal candidate for this position, as throughout the duration of my teaching experience, I have been passionate about motivating, engaging and encouraging my students to achieve their potential. I also have sound interpersonal skills with both students
and staff which, in my opinion, are not only beneficial but vital to bring into a professional teaching environment.

Throughout my teaching experience I have taught a variety of learners. Collectively, I have taught from the ages of 6 to 22 in a variety of different academic institutions. Through teaching a broad age range of students, I have become a highly adaptable and creative teacher. I have also learnt how to be versatile and inventive in the classroom,as no two learners are ever the same and the role of a teacher is to address this issue to the best of
their ability. An example of this is when I was teaching a class of 6 year old Austrian children who had an incredibly limited level of English. By the end of the day, they could identify animals from flashcards and also recite numbers from 1-20, which to this day remains a personal achievement of mine. Later that week, I had the pleasure of successfully teaching a class of 16 year olds how to formulate strong and communicative ideas in the context of a business lesson. Through my teaching experience, I have found that students experience problems whilst learning regardless of age, and it is the role of the teacher to identify these problems and formulate a solution that best suits everyone.

I have also been no stranger to settling into new and different cultures; in fact, this is a prospect I find incredibly exciting! It should come as no surprise to hear that teachers love learning, and one of the things I enjoy learning about most is culture. I always try to broaden my horizons when the opportunity presents itself, and having a broader knowledge and
respect for this is something I consider to be highly important in life.

United Kingdom
Desired Start Date
May 14, 2018

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