Tom: United Kingdom: Jan 01, 2018

//Tom: United Kingdom: Jan 01, 2018

Tom: United Kingdom: Jan 01, 2018

Previously holding the position of Editor of a men’s fashion company and now holding the position of Content Manager I believe that I am a fully confident person who loves to work as part of a team as well as individually.

Having a team of 10 young writers was a challenge, but a challenge I adored as I could help them with any problems and guide them through their next stages. Socialising is a massive part of my life. Getting out there and meeting new people is something I adore and would love to fulfill somewhere completely different. Happiness and a positive attitude are two elements in life that I constantly seek out and hope to emulate in others.

I am currently completing a 140 hour TEFL course with the hopes of finishing at the end of the year. I have found it both a thrilling and enlightening course, qualities I wish to emulate in a future teaching role.

United Kingdom
Desired Start Date
Jan 01, 2018

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