Ruth: United States: Jun 28, 2018

//Ruth: United States: Jun 28, 2018

Ruth: United States: Jun 28, 2018

My name is Ruth Son and I am a Korean American born in Portland, Oregon, USA and currently residing in Everett, Washington, USA. I am interested in an ESL job. I am confident I have the skills, experience, and dedicated commitment needed for this position.

My passion for teaching developed as I tutored academically and economically challenged students, and witnessed the excitement that comes from learning and the satisfaction of students realizing their ability to succeed in learning. Now, with over 6 years of experience teaching/tutoring, I have developed a strong dedication to teaching and learning. My constant emphasis on learning fostered a desire to pursue a career filled with learning.

I tutor to allow students to understand by learning and not by memorizing. My qualifications from high school and first year at the University of Washington may be lacking, but over the past 6 years I have improved in my ability to learn and to teach. I have spent numerous additional hours reviewing and re-learning math and chemistry concepts from middle school, high school, university, SAT/ACT, and AP/IB exams. I am familiar with most high school and college math textbooks and have solved through almost all the SAT/ACT books available in the current market. By dedicating time to my own learning, I understand the power of education and the necessity to constantly learn. My dedication to learning is what makes me a great candidate – I am willing to spend additional hours to learn and teach to further the learning of students. If I may be lacking requisite knowledge or skills in certain areas, I am willing to study in my own time to learn and compensate for my inadequacies.

I am eager to apply my background and strengths to assist in the work being done. I am extremely flexible with my schedule would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss how my qualifications match this position.

United States
Desired Start Date
Jun 28, 2018

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