paulina: United Kingdom: Aug 01, 2018

//paulina: United Kingdom: Aug 01, 2018

paulina: United Kingdom: Aug 01, 2018

currently working as a professional english teacher online, working with kids of 4-9 years old. I also do english tutoring over the phone, working with adults and english at all levels.

my previous expierence incude working for marketing company and being a General Manager for the biggest hospitality company in the UK.

I have friendly and preseantable personality. I can work well well in the team and as a individual.
I can provide friendly and productive lessons for kids

I am highly organized and motiviated.
I posses great IT skills, and working with a number of teaching softwares online.
I work well on mackintosh or windows computers.

United Kingdom
Desired Start Date
Aug 01, 2018

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