Paula: United States: Mar 05, 2018

//Paula: United States: Mar 05, 2018

Paula: United States: Mar 05, 2018

Given my personal and professional background, I believe I have the qualities and skills to accomplish the mission of your organization by orchestrating creative opportunities to enrich the children’s experiences and collaborating with the team members to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

My experience as an administrator, grant writer, researcher, and educator will allow me to effectively contribute to the every-day logistics at the school as well as to its current and future programming and events. Additionally, as a an educator, for the arts and English, my experience with working with children and the youth, both in The United States and in Korea has prepared me for the expectations and responsibilities that come with building up and encouraging children. My attention to detail, accountability, and ability to successfully develop and implement multiple projects in a timely manner have set me up for success in managing various projects and events, collaborating as an innovative voice of the staff, identifying success and areas of improvement, and bringing a positive and unique perspective to the organization.

I desire to learn more about the education field as a whole, and therefore, look forward to this opportunity to participate in an organization that fosters creativity and education through interactive and holistic learning.

United States
Desired Start Date
Mar 05, 2018

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