Ned: United States: Feb 01, 2018

//Ned: United States: Feb 01, 2018

Ned: United States: Feb 01, 2018

I recently completed my CELTA training through Teaching House in Washington, D.C.​ and attained my certification.​ I would very much like to teach in a ​smaller location in a sublime country like the Czech Republic to enjoy the culture. You will see from my experience that I am well suited to the kind of professional instruction you seek.​ Additionally — with my experience, strength and hope — I would be honoured to make my other skills available to the larger community.​
1. (CELTA preliminary documentation)
2. (CELTA Lesson Plan)
3. (informal references from people in the trenches with me)
4. (history of training or teaching)
5. (business sample showing several refined skills)

United States
Desired Start Date
Feb 01, 2018

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