Dhyana: United Kingdom: Mar 01, 2018

//Dhyana: United Kingdom: Mar 01, 2018

Dhyana: United Kingdom: Mar 01, 2018

Through the TEFL classroom course and through my previous teaching experience, I have demonstrated that I am an active, confident, conscientious and well-organised teacher with a can-do attitude. I have taught students who were beginner-level English speakers, some of who had no previous English language experience. Using games, activities and visual aid I was able to make my lessons enjoyable and keep my students engaged and interested in the learning experience. As a result, each student showed marked improvement across all four major language skills.

I am a creative, empathetic and sociable person. In particular, I enjoy building relationships with all my students so I can identify their strengths and support them in their learning. I am deeply caring, a very good communicator, and can create a classroom environment for the children to feel comfortable and confident.

My undergraduate degree at SOAS involved studying in Korea for 1 year and as a result I am well-versed in the Korean language. I also understand Korean values and culture, and so I am able to adapt my teaching and communication styles to suit the cultural norms of the children. Prioritising the children comfort and learning experience by conducting classes suitable to Korea’s culture is of utmost importance to me.

United Kingdom
Desired Start Date
Mar 01, 2018

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