D-10 Visa Transfer

//D-10 Visa Transfer

D-10 Visa Transfer

D-10 Visa Transfer

D-10 Job Seeking Visa and Transfer to Work Visa

  • A D-10 Visa, the ‘Job-Seeking Visa‘, allows job applicants the room or grace period to remain in Korea while searching for a new job.
  • A D-10 visa is valid for 6 months. If you have get a new teaching job with this visa, you must transfer your visa to one of work visas (including E-2 visa) at least 2 weeks BEFORE your contract begins.
  • Those on a D-10 visa must go to immigration BEFORE their ARC expires as well as BEFORE their contract begins. Mind that TRANSFER FIRST and then START CONTRACT! This process will take about 2 weeks until your visa status will be transferred.
  • You need to request 2 SEALED medical checkup results for Immigration Office and Office of Education for submission.
  • The following documents are required for the Medical Check Up;
    • 2~3 Passport size photos
    • Valid Passport
    • Fee: 60,000KRW – 150,000KRW (varies by hospital)
  • Plan a date on when to visit an immigration office. Recommend to make a reservation in advance via Hi Korea website at . Immigration offices in Korea are usually very busy and only open from 9am to 6pm.
  • If you cannot pick up the visa in person, please opt for the mailing service. This service costs approximately 3,000 KRW. Please request a Temporary ID from immigration, as during the processing period your school might request your ID.

Required Items for D-10 Visa Transfer

  • Application Form (No. 34 form)
  • ARC (Alien Registration Card)
  • Valid Passport
  • One Sealed Medical Checkup Results
  • One Passport Sized Photo
  • Signed Contract (original and copy)
  • Business Registration Certificate (사업자 등록증) copy
  • School Establishment Registration (학원설립운영등록증) copy
  • Confirmation of Residence/Accommodation
  • Class Timetable
  • Fee: 130,000 KRW
  • Notarized and Apostilled Nationwide Original Criminal Record/Background Check and one Photocopy (If you have left Korea longer than 3 months with a D-10 visa)
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