Christopher: United States: University of Pennsylvania: Dec 18, 2017

//Christopher: United States: University of Pennsylvania: Dec 18, 2017

Christopher: United States: University of Pennsylvania: Dec 18, 2017

Teaching in South Korea has been my dream ever since I backpacked from Seoul to Busan teaching English in volunteer camps, mastered the Korean language through study at Yonsei University, and returned to the United States to teach SAT preparation, mathematics, and literary skills to elementary, middle, and high school students every week.
My strengths include extensive experience teaching children of all ages. For three years, I worked as a volunteer SAT preparation and mathematics tutor for high school students at the University of Pennsylvania teaching small groups of students several times each week. My dedicated, detail-oriented personality allowed me to break down difficult mathematical and literary concepts into manageable lessons while developing complete lesson plans for each teaching session. To become a better teacher, I also took courses at my university which required me to teach mathematics to large groups of students twice per week in Philadelphia high schools. The teachers and professor commended my innovation and ability to capture students’ interest and engage them enthusiastically while teaching. Before attending university, I taught English to children in South Korea as a volunteer in a Gmarket sponsored international workcamp and spent years tutoring calculus and teaching Taekwondo and music to students of all ages. Teaching children, in South Korea and in the United States, has been the most rewarding experience of my life and I intend to bring the same dedication as an SAT/AP teacher in this position.
My passionate and energetic personality shines when I teach and this helps my students to connect with my lessons and absorb concepts in a fun and memorable way. As an English tutor I used this enthusiasm to keep my students engaged while studying literature. In addition, studying advanced mathematics in an Ivy League university taught me to be innovative and develop outstanding problem-solving skills. When my high school students struggled with difficult mathematical concepts, I successfully taught them from different, innovative perspectives because I had mastered all the AP and SAT material beyond what is necessary for the exams. In addition to my teaching abilities, I believe my passion for South Korea, which inspired me to backpack alone through over 40 Korean cities and work with diverse teams of people, has prepared me very well for the responsibilities of this position.
I’m confident that these strengths, including my background teaching SAT preparation, mathematics, and literary concepts to children, passionate enthusiasm, and innovative problem-solving skills, will lead me to success as an SAT/AP teacher.

United States
University of Pennsylvania
Desired Start Date
Dec 18, 2017

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