Averi: United States: Mar 01, 2018

//Averi: United States: Mar 01, 2018

Averi: United States: Mar 01, 2018

Please accept this letter in consideration for the position of English teacher at your institution. As a recent Linguistics graduate, I have always exhibited a passion and enthusiasm for language, which has carried over into my passion for teaching as well. Along with my B.A. in Linguistics, I have also earned the TELL (Teaching English Language Learners) certificate from Miami University and TEFL certification. Due to my passion for language, and culture, in addition to my qualifications, I am confident that I could effectively instruct your school’s diverse group of students.

I have had extensive experience as an educator, working with students of all ages in varying intellectual, behavioral and cultural backgrounds in both the classroom, as well as private one-on-one settings. I have experience teaching young elementary aged students ranging from 1st-3rd grade, high school ESL students, as well as adult learners at university level. In addition to my training for the TELL certificate, I have also completed numerous TESOL courses, which have prepared me to specifically teach adult language learners.

Much of my training as part of the TELL program has been focused on incorporating sheltered instruction, so students learn both content and language skills at the same time, ensuring that all students regardless of language proficiency receive the highest quality of education. As a student teacher in the U.S., I have worked collaboratively with my host teachers to design and modify lesson plans specifically for ESL students, ensuring that the content is not watered down, or reduced in any way, but rather adapted to meet the needs of the students. This experience has impacted my own teaching philosophy, and I am committed to incorporating these ideas into my own classroom by designing engaging, interactive lessons and maintaining high standards for every student.

My diverse experiences have connected me to people of all backgrounds. It is my wish to help every student obtain their academic goals and reach their full potential. I believe that as an English teacher at your institution I could reach students with my passion for language and through engaging, and creative instruction to help them achieve these goals.

United States
Desired Start Date
Mar 01, 2018

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