Andrew: United Kingdom: Jan 01, 2017

//Andrew: United Kingdom: Jan 01, 2017

Andrew: United Kingdom: Jan 01, 2017

I have freshly completed my Bachelor of Science degree and a TEFL 120 hour combined course and am looking for my first experience as an EL Teacher. Though, I lack experience in teaching, I compensate for this with an eagerness to learn and high level of enthusiasm. From my travels around the globe and especially living abroad for a year in Australia I mixed with a lot of internationals where I discovered a passion to learn about new cultures. I’ve lead many assessments during my degree, practising my presentation skills and captained various hockey sides, skills I believe to be very transferable to the classroom setting. I would describe myself as a very personable, approachable and smiley person who enjoys problem solving and interacting with others. I believe I would make a fantastic addition to your school.

Thank you for reading my application.

United Kingdom
Desired Start Date
Jan 01, 2017

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