Amira: United States: Apr 01, 2018

//Amira: United States: Apr 01, 2018

Amira: United States: Apr 01, 2018

I am interested in the English teacher position. I have a BA in English. I have taught kindergarten ages 4-5 when I just graduated. I, also, taught middle school students for 2 years. Currently I am teaching adults who are new immigrants to US. I had my CELTA certificate to professionally help my adult students how to advance in their English language lessons. I have learned while leading the tourists in tours and working in hospitality, that being energetic and friendly are key factors to help everyone around catch up with the same vibe to get the best of the day. I enjoy traveling around. Getting to explore the world and teach at the same time is ideal for me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

United States
Desired Start Date
Apr 01, 2018

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