Ahlo: Korea: The Pennsylvania State University: Aug 01, 2018

//Ahlo: Korea: The Pennsylvania State University: Aug 01, 2018

Ahlo: Korea: The Pennsylvania State University: Aug 01, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

It would be an honored for me to tell you my story. Initially, I pursued a major in Marketing at Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University. However after graduation from college, I pursued a different career path based on my specialty and interests, which was to become a teacher. Since college graduation on December 2015, I had been preparing for teaching license, and I eventually obtained a mathematics teaching license on September 2017.

I am excited to get involved with a school that values every single member of the school supporting every student. My personal experiences in student teaching, academic tutoring, working at academy as a teacher, and even working as a marketing manager at an international school, have all taught me the importance of connecting with students and challenging to continually grow as a teacher.

Much of my success I believe stems from my personal and work experiences. As an international student for 8 years in the United States, I have learned how to embrace people from all different cultures and backgrounds and communicate with people from different backgrounds. It was a valuable experience that greatly influences my decisions personally and professionally. During my college years, I did a few internships at companies in Korea for summer break. Being a part of community or group has steered me to becoming responsible and loyal person. In addition, I have realized how significant it is to work in groups.

I would like to highlight the teaching experiences that have helped me grow as a teacher. First, I partnered with a tutoring services for students in grades ranging from elementary to eleventh grade in mathematics and English courses. Thanks to my natural talent and passion for teaching, I was able to teach students and prepare to become a teacher. This experience was while I was preparing to obtain my teaching license. Besides tutoring, I also worked at academy as a teacher. It was very helpful experience to learn how to manage and motivate students in class.

Before obtaining a teaching license in 2017, I completed my student teaching at Korea Foreign School (previously known as Rainbow International School) for three months as a MYP (Middle Years Programme) Mathematics teacher. By teaching students from grades sixth to eighth, I learned how to effectively make lesson plans and set up a student-centered learning environment. Even though it was short period of time, I learned many skills required from becoming an excellent teacher. Next, I transitioned to a position as a marketing manager. This job opportunity was a beneficial experience for me to understand each of students’ and parents’ expectations from school. Additionally, I became aware of the importance of communication among everyone involved in school. Through these experiences that mentioned above, I have acquired valuable opportunities to improve myself.

I do hope this letter effectively outlines my qualifications for this position, and I look forward to having opportunity to discuss my resume, and the more personal experiences, I believe will benefit your school should we decide to work together this next year.


The Pennsylvania State University
Desired Start Date
Aug 01, 2018

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